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Sports massage is for everyone, not just athletes. Soft tissue problems can happen to any of us anytime. It might be an injury through sport, over use problems in training or long term posture problems that cause strain on the body. We work with everyone from professional athletes to ordinary folk who like what sports massage can offer. Key focus areas of Sports Massage Conditioning & Maintenance Injury Prevention Injury Management
Running is one of the most popular sports around at the moment, unfortunately it also has one of the highest injury rates of any sport. Understanding some basic principles of biomechanics and your own musculoskeletal system will really help you improve your technique and reduce injury risks. BSM is working with many runners in Berlin and can also be found at the Adidas RUNBASE Berlin every Monday evening for the Medical Monday drop in service.



Mondays: Adidas RunBase
Friday 21.Oct. 2-7pm
Tuesday 25.Oct 3-8pm