About Me

I am originally from the UK and have been living in Berlin since 2012. I studied medicine as a bachelor degree with a major in anatomy and physiology and also completed a Masters and PhD degree. After 11 years of country hopping for work, my arrival in Berlin in 2012 presented the idea and opportunity to get back to my passion of hands-on anatomy and physiology and sport. Being a researcher at heart what grabbed my attention, and has never let go, is the interplay and impact of training, load, tissue adaption and injury.
In 2013 I went back to the UK to study sports massage and graduated in 2014 qualified to treat up to elite level athlete status. I went on to complete multiple further professional education courses and qualifications which I have listed below. All of these approaches and techniques are encompassed in the umbrella term Soft Tissue Therapy (STT) and I am therefore a qualified international sports massage therapist and Soft Tissue Therapist.

Since qualifying I have had amazing fortune, working with truly international level athletes and sports teams, international celebrities, performers, musicians, actors and sporting legends. Supporting competitive athletes means I am out on location quite a bit, but I still run my own practice to treat everyone who needs it, elite sportsperson or humble beginner to the injured ordinary citizen of this world.
Every pain, problem, annoyance or restriction you feel in your body is telling you something, its my job to help interpret that message and get you back on track to fixing things.
As research, science, understanding and methods change and progress I am regularly updating my knowledge on training courses. My completed courses are listed below.

Past projects

  • NBA champions San Antonio Spurs  basketball team, Global Games in Berlin
  • Durham County Cricket Club, England Champions, UK
  • Bupa Great North Run, UK
  • BBM Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, DE
  • Urban Sports Club Football League, DE
  • Adidas RunBase Berlin running analyst and STT clinic
  • Adidas Runners – running analyst and STT therapist
  • On-call for international musicians performing in Berlin
STT for the USA NBA champions San Antonio Spurs, on tour to play Alba Berlin

2020 support projects

  • British national 400m hurdler
  • USA elite triathlete & runner
  • SA professional free-diver/ice-diver
  • Peloton master instructor
  • Berlin’s celebrity personal trainers
  • German actor/producer/musician
  • USA professional singer/musician
  • Cast and stunt crew of Uncharted, & Matrix 4
Working with the legend Kathrine Switzer ahead of the Berlin Marathon 2018
Working with Adidas Runners at the Berlin Half Marathon


2020 (in progress due to the COVID impact..)
CPD Head Neck & Jaw, Susan Findlay, London UK
CPD Transverse Soft Tissue Release, Susan Findlay, London UK
Fascial Manipulation Level 1, Fascial Manipulation Institute by Stecco, UK
Functional Kinesio Taping, RockTape, Germany
CPD  Functional Running & Gait Re-Education, Kinetic Revolution, UK
CPD  Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques Master Class, Bodymaster Method, UK
CPD  Hip & Groin Master Class, Bodymaster Method, UK
CPD  Shoulder Joint Master Class, Bodymaster Method, UK
Diploma  ITEC* level 4 Sports Massage    The Performance Clinic, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
Diploma  ITEC* Level 3 Holistic Body Massage St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, England

PhD. Augmented reality applied to complex neurosurgery, Kings College London, UK
Master of Research. Advanced Medical Instrumentation Systems, University College London, UK
Bachelor in Medicine/Neurophysiology, University of Leeds, UK

UK Sports Massage Association www.thesma.org      Previous Full Member
Rock Tape Qualified Professional -Rock Doc

ITEC international level 4 qualifies me to work with sports people up to Elite Athlete level providing injury management and recovery treatments

* ITEC qualifications are accredited by OFQUAL on behalf of the Department of Education in the UK. They are recognised in 33 countries around the world. The highest Sports Massage Therapy qualification is ITEC Level 5.