About Me

I am Laura, originally from the UK and have been living in Berlin for over 10 years now. I am a medical scientist by academic background with a degree in Medicine and and a PhD Augmented Reality guided neurosurgery which makes me a Dr. of sorts.
In early 2013 I started a side-line interest which became my business – Berlin Sports Massage. Having studied anatomy and physiology I wanted to apply it in another way and as a great lover of sports I figured – why not combine knowledge with hands on therapy to help sports professionals and other active people to stay in good condition.
I treat everyone who needs it, elite sportsperson or humble beginner to the injured ordinary citizen of this world and Hollywood actors and their stunt doubles. I work at the praxis, the sports ground, the film studio and secret locations of the rich and famous. It became more than a side interest and I love it!

Around 2015 I was treating so many runners in Berlin that my curiosity was tickled trying to answer why they got so frequently injured. I embarked on another side-line knowledge quest and did another qualification in running analysis, biomechanics, running injury management and then signed dup for a 1/2 marathon just to make sure I understood running for all the perspectives. Running advice and treatment remains a large part of my work in Berlin.

When I’m not treating other people nicely I’m looking after myself in what I think is a nice way but you might disagree – I love cold water / ice water dipping and swimming and I’ve been at it since about 2016. I also love a good bit of HIIT training, hiking, cycling and occasionally I’ll even go off to a yoga retreat. See – that’s nice right.

Some of my amazing Clients & Projects

  • NBA champions San Antonio Spurs  basketball team, Global Games in Berlin
  • Durham County Cricket Club, England Champions, UK
  • Bupa Great North Run, UK
  • BBM Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, DE
  • Urban Sports Club Football League, DE
  • USA elite triathlete & runner
  • Adidas RunBase Berlin Running Analyst and RunLab manager
  • Adidas RunBase Medical Team founding member
  • International musicians on tour in Berlin
  • Lead actor for Hunger Games Prequel
  • Cast and stunt crew for Matrix 4
  • Cast and stunt crew for Uncharted
  • A-list German actors/musicians
  • GB national 400m hurdler
  • SA professional free-diver/ice-diver
  • Berlin’s top personal trainers
  • Berlin Alba visiting players
  • Marathon legend Kathrine Switzer
  • Berlin Ultra runner
  • Berlin track runners


Complete Concussion Managment certified, CCMI Canada
CPD Head Neck & Jaw, Susan Findlay, London UK
CPD Transverse Soft Tissue Release, Susan Findlay, London UK
Fascial Manipulation Level 1, Fascial Manipulation Institute by Stecco, UK
Functional Kinesio Taping, RockTape, Germany
CPD  Functional Running & Gait Re-Education, Kinetic Revolution, UK
CPD  Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques Master Class, Bodymaster Method, UK
CPD  Hip & Groin Master Class, Bodymaster Method, UK
CPD  Shoulder Joint Master Class, Bodymaster Method, UK
Diploma  ITEC* level 4 Sports Massage    The Performance Clinic, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
Diploma  ITEC* Level 3 Holistic Body Massage St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, England

UK Sports Massage Association www.thesma.org      Previous Full Member
Rock Tape Qualified Professional -Rock Doc

ITEC international level 4 qualifies me to work with sports people up to Elite Athlete level providing injury management and recovery treatments

* ITEC qualifications are accredited by OFQUAL on behalf of the Department of Education in the UK. They are recognised in 33 countries around the world. The highest Sports Massage Therapy qualification is ITEC Level 5.