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STT | Sports Massage
60 min session €90
45 min session €70
30 min session 50
Functional Kinesio Taping €10

Runner’s RRI Pack
Video based running analysis and sports massage in one session!
75 min €100

Runner’s Super Pack
In-depth video based running analysis and real time review, movement screening and Q&A
90 min €160

Runner’s Check-Up
Video based running analysis to compare to a previous analysis with feedback on changes seen.
50 min €75

Runner’s Remote Analysis
If you are interested in remote analysis and can provide your own videos, let me know.

Good to Know….

Soft Tissue Therapy (STT) is not a technique or specific modality of massage, it is a comprehensive approach to body work that involves assessment and a wide variety of massage methods to treat musculoskeletal problems for atheltes and the general population. My approach to STT combines deep tissue massage, soft tissue release (STR), transverse STR (t-STR), active release, MET, PNR, high frequency vibration, fascial work, trigger point release, assisted stretching, cupping, IASTM, and muscle activation as well as movement, assisted stretching and functional patterns. What is used in your treatment very much depends on the problem itself, its origin and what other area or movement is being impacted.

Running Analysis is a great way to learn a lot in a short time.

In the Runner’s RRI Pack you can combine a short running analysis with a sports massage. This is great if you are suffering from niggles, pains or problems and don’t know why. The way to find out is to see you when you run and then treat the problem with STT.
In the Runner’s Super Pack the focus in on deeper understanding of your own running and what to do next. The sessions starts by setting the goal of what you want from running, then we look at your movement patterns and function as relates to your level of running. I then get you on the treadmill and you will follow a protocol to take you from walking to running over about 15 min. Off the treadmill we can then jump straight into what we see in your individulal running form in the videos. My job is to pick out the main things I see in your run that are either a potential injury risk or, if we change them a little bit, could get you closer to an easier more efficient run. But overall, I will advise you how to reach your own goal the safest way possible. We will have time to try some new tricks and skills on the treadmill for the parts of your run I aim to change so you get what it’s all about before you head off on your own. It takes 90 min and I will pack your brain with good fun stuff! I will also give you some simple take-home drills that you can do in 2 min a day that will help improve your running and reduce your injuries.
Runner’s Check-Ups. I recommend coming in for a check up session about every 3-4 months until you reach your goal. Check-ups can be done in 45-60 min and we ake a look at what has changed, compare it directly to the previous video analysis and then we can update the skills, drills and homework that will support your run.
Remote Help. It is even possible to do a follow up remotely if you have your own video to send me. I can then just give you the anlaysis and feedback on-line or via e-mail.

Good to Know… for STT/Sports Massage Appointments
Shorts or modest underwear as you will be asked to perform some simple movement/range of motion tests in the assessment and you will move around during treatment.
A towel or light sheet to lie on.

Good to Know… for Running Analysis Appointments
Bring your regular running gear (we are inside so you don’t need your winter stuff!), your preferred running shoes, the rest I have.
You can shower at the praxis if you want to after the analysis, just bring a towel.

Good to know…. for Kinesio-Tape
I use Rock Tape exclusively as it lasts a long time and is very well tolerated by the skin. It typically holds for 5-7 days depending on the body area and lasts through showering or swimming. If you do a lot of water sports, ask me for the extra grip tape. Just remember to pat-dry the tape, do not rub it with a towel and please do not dry it with a hairdryer – people have been a bit vigorous with that approach and melted the tape glue onto their skin, which really is painful.
For men who will tape the leg, especially the lower leg, it is advisable to shave the hair off the area where tape will be applied just before the appointment. Hair prevents the tape sticking and is also very painful when the tape has to be removed!
For everyone – please do not use products, especially oily moisturizers on the skin where tape will be applied for 12-24hrs before taping. This will help the tape stick better and last longer.

Good to know…. for Payments & Health Insurance
Please note, all appointments must be paid for at the time of the appointment. I take all credit cards and of course cash. My services are not reimbursed by the standard health insurance providers in Germany (Krankenkasse system). Some private and international health insurers may reimburse you but you need to disucss that with your insurance provider. I can issue a full German invoice on request.
All prices are given, inclusive of value added tax (MwSt / VAT).