Ortho. Sports Massage in Berlin

Sports Massage is typically thought of as a vigorous deep tissue massage used on athletes and sports people as part of their treatment and recovery.
In fact sports massage is just one part of a whole spectrum of manual therapies known as Soft Tissue Therapy, and lucky for you I’m a UK qualified Soft Tissue Therapist, not just a sports massage therapist!
So at Berlin Sports Massage things are done a little differently. I like the results and so do my clients. What I offer is a complete STT package of support. I work with you to understand your injury, pain or problem, I strategise how we might best resovle it together and then I apply any number or combinations of techniques to set about rebalancing the tissue and then the joint movement. l share as much or as little nerdy anatomy and science knoweldge as you can handle and I provide home exercise or support ideas if you’re up for that. The aim is to achieve better movement for you and long term resiliance for the life you want to lead. Athelte or not.

!! Covid-19 current process !!

Health safety is always critically important in close contact work such as massage. To keep myself and my colleages safe we request that all clients coming in for sports massage
1) Adhere to the current 2G rules (proof of vaccination or recovery required) and in addition
2) wear an FFP2 mask around the praxis and in the treatment room

If you are not vaccinated please contact us in advance to arrange coming in with a valid negative Covid-19 test (within 24 hours of your appointment).

For a quick link to find a test centre and the option for your 1 x free test (B├╝rgertest) per week, visit test-to-go.berlin or Rapid Test Berlin

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