BSM will be on sabbatical in 2023

>> After 10 years of providing STT and sports massage in Berlin its time for me to have a little break. I will be closing the praxis doors on Dec 21st and will not re-open in January. I’m taking a sabbatical of sorts to explore some new ideas and also do my own rest and recovery.
In 2023 I may well pop-up around Berlin at events or massage days at various locations so keep checking the website if you want to get an appointment with me.
Wishing you all the best for the rest of the year and a fantastic 2023.

Stay strong, stay healthy & focus on fun! <<

Good movement comes from good form, and good form comes from the right amount of strength, mobility and stability. How much of each is up to you and the things you want to be able to do. Our strength and mobility changes constantly, sometimes for the better sometimes not so having a good awareness of what is happening over time is a great self-check skill to develop. That means mastering the awareness of your training loads, recovery program and optimising your movement pattern for the life you are leading now and want to have in the future.
Welcome to optimised human movement (Ohm!) with me, Laura Johnson. My services include body work, education and movement analysis. As I work with so many runners in Berlin I offer additional servies for you and that is the combination of comprehensive running analysis, body function for running and treatment of common running injuries and issues.

STT & sports massage in Berlin

My work as a soft tissue therapist (STT) goes beyond simple sports massage. It is based on extensive training and a methodical approach to working with human bodies. I work with you to understand your pain or problem, we strategise how we might best resovle it together and then I apply any number or combinations of techniques to set about rebalancing the tissue and then the joint movement. l share as much or as little nerdy anatomy and science knoweldge as you can handle and I provide home exercise or support ideas if you’re up for that. The aim of our time together is to achieve better movement for you and long term resiliance for the life you want to lead. Athelte or not.

Running Analysis in Berlin

For the best part of 10 years I have worked extensively with runners in Berlin. I spent many years as part of the medical team at Adidas Runners and the RunBase providing STT and running analysis. The analysis is extremely helpful for you to understand exactly how you run as an individual person, how your body is moving and responding to the run and therefore your risk of injuries or problems.
At the Bötzowstrasse rooms I can offer the unique combination of video based running analysis and running specific STT. This is your chance to gain some simple but impactful insights to your own running and how to run that little bit better, safer and stronger.