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What is orthopedic or clinical sports massage?

Orthopedic or clinical sports massage techniques were developed through working with athletes, but they can be adapted to address common conditions and complaints associated with daily living and any population.
Orthopedic massage is not a technique or specific modality of massage, it is a comprehensive approach to soft tissue work that involves assessment and a wide variety of massage methods or techniques to treat soft-tissue musculoskeletal disorders.
A session can include any of the following; deep tissue massage, soft tissue release (STR), transverse STR (t-STR), active release, MET, PNR, high frequency vibration, fascial work, trigger point release, deep assisted stretching, orthopedic cupping and muscle activation, among others. What is used in your treatment very much depends on the problem itself, its origin and what other area or movement is being impacted.
The aim of treatment is to help you restore and maintain correct movement and function of your soft tissues so that your overall body movement is at its best.

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Please bring with you to the appointment
Shorts or modest underwear, a lose fitting top or BH for ladies as you will be asked to perform some simple movement/range of motion tests in the assessment and you will move around during treatment.
A towel or light sheet to lie on.

Ortho. Sports Massage FULL – €75 (including taxes)

This 1 hour appointment is a requirement for all new clients to give adequate time for a review of your situation, health history and current problem. It is also an ideal follow up session to allow a complete STT approach and maximize progress or if you have a new injury to discuss on top of an existing treatment plan. If you have the time for it, indulge!
Treatment time will be around 50min allowing adequate time for questions.

Ortho. Sports Massage EVERY TIME – €60 (including taxes)

This 45min appointment is a great follow session to focus on a specific problem area. The techniques used are the same as in the 60 min session, only we condense the format.
Expect an intense and effective session!

Ortho. Sports Massage FOCUS – €45 (including taxes)

This is the ultimate 30min focused treatment session. It is only appropriate as a follow up treatment for very specific problems or small body areas. For example, treatment to the Achilles Tendon, neck tension release, TMJ, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome release.

Functional Kinesio Taping€10 (including taxes and tape)

I am qualified to apply functional kinesio tape and I currently stock and use Rock Tape in all its amazing colours and patterns!
This service can either be added on to a treatment, please book it at the same time as your main appointment, or let me know at the beginning of the treatment you would like to include taping as part of your treatment., or you can come in for a Taping appointment if you need to refresh or re-tape an area.
Rock Tape usually holds for 5-7 days depending on the body area. It is fine to shower with the tape, bathe and even swim. Just remember to pat-dry the tape, do not rub it with a towel and please do not dry it with a hairdryer – people have been a bit vigorous with that approach and melted the tape glue onto their skin, which really is painful.

Taping time includes a necessary cleaning of the skin in the application area as any products lying on the skin surface could prevent adequate sticking of the tape.
For men who will tape the leg, especially the lower leg, it is advisable to shave the hair off the area where tape will be applied just before the appointment. Hair prevents the tape sticking and is also very painful when the tape has to be removed!
For everyone – please do not use products, especially oily moisturizers on the skin where tape will be applied for 12-24hrs before taping. This will help the tape stick better and last longer.

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