Cupping – hype or help?

Lets keep it simple.
What can a suction cup placed on your skin actually do?

I’m going to write this blog from a pure and simple experience angle and drop the science (there are plenty of papers published on cupping, but the evidence is mixed).

Cupping is an ancient form of adjunct medicine that goes back to healers thousands of years ago (literally). They used all kinds of creative things to serve as the suction cup, like animal horns or shells and believed strongly in the positive impact of cupping on health. Cupping progressed through the ages and through materials until we stabalised with 2 main options these days, glass and silicone but apart from that the practice is much the same. Use of cupping in modern medicine fluctuated and went in and out of fashion and my feeling is cupping now has a sort of split reputation. People either love it, or they think it’s a load of inflated quack.
My feeling is – the split has reason! Cupping has definite benefits and has a whole load of inflated claims. So what do I believe it does for the people I work with?

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When (not) to get a massage – contraindications

First – what does contra–indication even mean?!
Contraindications are situations, injuries and conditions where using soft tissue therapy techniques including massage,
> can be used, but with caution
> is overall not advised, or
> massage could provoke more harm than good.

Below are some examples of situations in which massage would need some extra consideration or should not be used at all. For fun you can learn both the English and German name for some common conditions.

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ASP 2021 – Amber Fillary – Free Diver & Ice Diver

Amber Fillary is an inspirational athlete because she is everything that you don’t expect in a sport you probably have never seen! Amber has an incredible knack for holding her breath, and not just in a warm and comfortable swimming pool (where she is the SA record holder) but also while swimming under very thick ice. She is your most unlikely champion but one you should know about. Let me introduce our 2nd supported athlete of 2021.

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