COVID19 – Corona Tests

About testing:
Rapid tests are now widely available in the city and you can find information about testing centres in the following links
Rapid Test
Nearest Test Centre to us

As a Berlin resident you are entitled to 1 free rapid test per week (Bürgertest).

The nearest test centre to the praxis is only 50m away, just inside the Hackesche Höf at the cinema (Hackesche Höfe Kino). Medios Apotheke have opened a test centre and the link is here so you can book in advance.
Conveniently there are 2 great coffee shops right next to the test centre so you can grab a drink while you wait.
Röststätte Berlin, Hackesche Höfe Hof 1 // Rosenthaler Straße 40-41, 10178
Ben Rahim, Hackesche Höfe // Sophienstraße 7, 10178 Berlin

When you go to the test centre be sure to register online in advance, you will get a QR code by email that you need to have on arrival for your test. When you get there confirm you want the Bürgertest if you are claiming your free test. If you have used up the 1 free test already that week you will need to pay for another rapid antigen or PCR test.
Test centres are performing a throat and nose swab which is slightly uncomfortable but very fast. Its over in under 3 seconds.
DO NOT EAT, DRINK, SMOKE, CHEW GUM for 15 min before your test, it can interfere with the accuracy of the result. Wait and grab the coffee after!

NOTE: The rapid antigen test (Schnelltest) must be performed at least 30min before your appointment in order to have a valid (negative) result in time for your appointment. A negative PCR test result is also accepted as proof of very low risk if it was performed within 72 hours of the appointment.
In both cases you must bring the official result (Coronatest Ergebnis) which usually comes as a .pdf attachment to an email from the test centre.
Without a valid, official result I will not treat you.

In the event you cannot get to a test centre on the day of the appointment, the last possible alternative is for you to bring your own rapid antigen test kit to the appointment. I must see you perform the test on yourself and you must leave the test with me while waiting for the result to develop. This is to guarantee the test and result is actually from you. This can take up to 20 min in total and this time will be taken out of your appointment time. I am unlikely to be available 20 min before your appointment in order to monitor your test as I will be working with another client, so self testing will take place once your appointment time starts and your massage treatment time will be reduced.

Rapid Antigen self test kit showing a negative “C”result.